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  • Tell Congress to Protect Horses

    It’s long past time that soring – deliberately causing pain to exaggerate the leg motion of a horse’s gait to gain an unfair advantage in show rings – was ended. Unfortunately, this inhumane practice continues to be pervasive even though it has been illegal to sore horses being shown, exhibited, transported or sold for more than 40 years. Too many horses remain victims of soring, such as deliberately applying caustic substances like kerosene or applying stacks/pads and chains in ways designed to be painful to the horse. ...

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  • Protect Veterinarians and Their Patients From Burdensome Regulations

    Veterinarians are busy. They work hard keeping family pets happy and healthy, which means they don’t have time to waste on red tape. The more time veterinarians spend on unnecessary paperwork, the less they can devote to what really matters — their patients. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what proposed legislation, H.R. 623, would do. This bill would force veterinarians to provide written copies of every prescription – even if their clients don’t want one. ...

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